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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> from our new headquarters building. the sfpuc is used to doing things. we build and maintain dams, treatment plants, transmission lines, water and sewer mains. at the same time, our staff has always been in rented headquarters. we thought it was time to own that, too. this is the time and place, 525 golden gate. this is a milestone in the project for building. in about 30 years, we will have
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paid off the building, and then it will be free to our ratepayers. it makes sense for them and also makes sense for green purposes. this will be one of the most sustainable buildings anywhere around. it is going to generate power and also used 55% less power than and regular building. ed will send off more non- potable water for more uses in the area. it will be a wonderful thing to live around and be involved in. we are celebrating this topping off. we have done some research. topping off ceremonies started back in roman times. people would have a ceremony when they finished building the roof of a house. as they finished, it was traditional to put an evergreen tree on the final game, signaling the finish of the
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infrastructure and construction. that is what we're doing today. you will notice of a lot of signatures on a banner that was attached to them being, because we have a lot of excited employees who could not be here today. hopefully, all of you have a chance to sign that beam and see that evergreen tree that symbolizes the sustainability of our building and the good fortune of having completed the building. the first person i want to introduce is a person who has been involved in this building probably longer than any of us. at one time, this was not even going to be a pc building. dpw was going to do a lot of things for the city. back then, as director of dpw, mr. lee was responsible for doing that. now as mayor, he gets to sign the top off.
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[applause] >> thank you and good morning to this topping off. when ever you get three eds and an andy to gather you are going to have fun. i want to thank the pc for its leadership. they are leading the way in this building and in so many other things. -- the puc for its leadership. they have a tremendous amount of jobs on the street right now keeping the city alive, moving forward with labor unions. i want to thank webcor, dpw, department of the environment, working together under the puc commission to make this building come together. i just signed my name on that last iron been going up. i wanted to make sure that i was recognized at this moment because it was one of the few times that a former public works
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director can actually have permission to do graffiti. but it is for a good cause. i know it represents so much of a great energy that has been poured in. it is lede platinum. that is a standard for the future. it is one of the few buildings we will see in our immediate lifetime -- but to get it started on this -- and to have it contribute to a sustainable area called the civic center, to have this corner of our civic center be an example and model, i want to congratulate everyone who has been associated with making this happen. i know public works people have been working closely with staff at the puc, department of environment making sure that everything from energy use to the water is at a high strd